Last week I posted the video to Jon Ferrara's talk at Social Biz Atlanta on the virtues of social selling and building meaningful customer relationships in today's socially-driven business climate.  Well a key to doing that is providing exceptional customer service - which has always been a key to building long relationships with customers, regardless of the era.

Tricia Gellman, senior director of product marketing at, discussed the role social is playing, should play, and will play going forward in order for businesses to provide the kind of service customers expect to receive from companies they frequent.

To set the stage a bit, here are a few points Tricia shared with the audience:

  • 150M brand conversations happening every month on social channels
  • 95% of Facebook brand posts go unanswered
  • 71% of Twitter complaints go unanswered
  • 88% of people unlikely to buy from brands that ignore their complaints online

These kinds of numbers cannot continue if you expect to create loyal customers who will advocate on behalf of your business.  Check out the video below to hear how companies are leveraging social to give customers what they need to do just that.