I had the pleasure of having three of the brightest thought leaders in the CRM industry on with me to talk about a host of important topics.  Forrester's Natalie Petouhoff, Asuret CEO Michael Krigsman, and Altimeter Group Partner Ray Wang cover a lot of ground but still get to the heart of issues like:

  • Why CRM is facing an identity crisis
  • Is Social CRM a reality today
  • Where does Social CRM fit in the overall importance of the enterprise
  • Are companies integrating "social" into traditional CRM implementations
  • How does Social CRM failure differ from traditional CRM failure
  • What impact has CRM had during the current economic downturn
  • What part of the business will Social CRM have the biggest impact
  • Predictions for what we'll be talking about a year from today as being the biggest CRM development

For more on the roundtable conversation participants:

Natalie Petouhoff, PhD - Senior Analyst, Forrester

Michael Krigsman, CEO, Asuret

Ray Wang, Partner, Altimeter Group


Listen to the podcast: