Does your company regularly solicit your employees' feedback on their views of the company?  How is it done?  How often?  Is it through controlled surveys? What are the dimensions across which you're looking for feedback?  What does your executive team do with that information?  Does your company leadership know the biggest driver of employee loyalty?

I ask these questions for two reasons.  I'm in a business that has a reputation for high employee turnover, low job satisfaction and not much loyalty towards the company for which people work.  I refer particularly to those people on the front lines.  The life blood of the company that do the real work every day.

Today, I was digging through some boxes as I'm moving my office and came across a book that contains unfiltered open-ended employee commenary about a company.

Here's a sample:

  • Since the first day, I've felt like I was part of a family
  • I strive to embody the company's values, but I'm not perfect. 
  • What separates us from every other company? You actually WANT to go above and beyond
  • It's a place where I feel I can be me.
  • I find myself using our values to make decisions outside of work
  • Here you can share your ideas with everyone
  • I have never felt so accepted
  • Every day I wake up thinking I'm the luckiest person on Earth
  • It's about the way we treat each other
  • It's about believing we can accomplish anything
  • We always take the positive road

All of these comments came from employees at one company.  Can you guess which one? 

What's stopping your customer service employees (and all your employees for that matter) from saying such things about you?