Social media countdowns to sport seasons are all the rage in college athletics this year. The University of Vermont women’s basketball Twitter feed took a page from the Wayback Machine to do their variation on a theme. Lisa Champagne, Director of Athletic Communications at UVM explains:

Everyone does a countdown these days to the season, right? This year for Vermont women's basketball we  counted down the last 18 days before the season opener on Twitter using photos of the players and coaching staff from their younger days.

Shown below is one of the tweets in the series. The feed can be found here.

U of Vermont countdown 1

According to Champagne, the countdown was a huge favorite with fans who enjoyed seeing coaches and players in their younger days.

“We had a variety of photos from when the team was really little, CYO, middle school or high school.  It was a fun, different approach to the count down and the players, staff, and fans looked forward to seeing who I would post for that particular day,” Champagne said.



Variations on a theme can make a difference in your social media campaign looking like everyone else’s or engaging fans with innovation. Kudos to Lisa Champagne and UVM women’s hoops. Well done.