Don’t get too excited just yet, Facebook hasn’t totally integrated GIFs, but thanks to Giphy, you can now post them on your Facebook page and all your friends have to do is press play. Just paste a link to a Giphy GIF like you would a regular web link, and voila!

This was a brilliant move on Giphy’s part; I expect their web traffic is about to skyrocket along with their name becoming a little more familiar to the general social media audience. The real question here is, why hasn’t Facebook jumped on the GIF train and created a application themselves to post GIFs to your newsfeed?

In reaction to this magical development by Giphy, a Facebook rep noted that they had nothing to do with it and they do not support animated GIFs (via BetaBeat). But why? Not sure if we will ever get an confirmed answer, but I suspect, 2014 will see a true integration of Facebook and GIFs, just you watch.

In the meantime, a few brands and reporters have already jumped on the Facebook GIF train and I would like to give all their community managers a virtual high-five for the quick turnaround. But it was Gap who got there first, so let’s give them a big round of applause!


Post by Gap.