Greetings from Atlanta and the #SocialShakeUp! Just completed my first workshop with Ric Dragon and the Dragon Search Digital Marketing Team and let me tell you, it was robust, informative and had great takeaways including his latest book, Social Marketology and an intensive workbook of activities on your brand’s social marketing layout from soup to nuts.

Ric Dragon is a high energy, social marketing “guru” who with his crew kept the workshop moving by having attendees work in groups every 20 minutes or so to keep conversation fresh and personalized. My table consisted of @JamieRecruits, @DeSheliaSpann & @danisandy who all brought something different to our set which I think highlighted the diverse demographic of the conference.  As I followed the #SocialShakeUp hashtag on Twitter throughout the day, I saw tweets from seasoned marketers to entrepreneurs to recruiters to small business owners participating. This is what I think will make the Social Shake Up unique and what made this Marketology workshop interesting.

Dragon had us choose a brand or company for the group to focus on throughout the workshop, and since the four of us came from such varied backgrounds, we decided to choose something we all knew – The Social Media Shakeup conference itself! This was a perfect “client” for us as a new business and one rooted deep in social media (a love point for all). You can see a bit of our work below as we mapped out the audience for our “client”.


As a kickoff to the conference, this workshop hit all the main points – it got people tweeting, it got people interacting with one another and it got all our creative juices flowing for the next two jammed packed days ahead of us.

I recommend anyone looking for a complete “how-to” on social media marketing to check out Ric Dragon’s book and training courses, because I think any newbie to this game we call social marketing, would find it the perfect jumping point.