Grant architecture? You won’t a need a fancy compass or any measuring tape. What you will need is your site map and some time.

 Your site should be laid out in a manner that makes content easily distinguishable. Building out your Google Grant will follow this same premise. Remember you can have 25 active Campaigns in your Google Grant account. Each campaign can have an unlimited amount of Adgroups.

 Your campaigns should be topics that are logical for your website and easy for you to be able to find. Remember the Grant is an ongoing and constantly evolving project and you want to think about scale at the beginning.



Let’s say you are an national environmental group. Your website is broken into four sections: (1) Animal Protection, (2) Clean Air Program, (3) Kids Education, (4) Citizen Advocacy. You can create four campaigns that target a national audience. For your animal protection campaign, perhaps you have 10 Adgroups representing each of the animals that you have webpages. Always remember to group your Adgroups by keyword. For example, if the African Elephant is a species that you create an Adgroup for, then make sure you only have keywords and ads that contain “African Elephant”.

 Big Takeaway

Keep it simple and keep it logical. Use your own site map as the guide and remember you can always go back and make edits. Your grant should evolve with the content on your site.

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