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On Content Marketing Needs More Than Content

You're welcome! And the contrast of instant gratification vs. sustainable change is an awesome way to put it. Thanks!

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On Content Marketing Needs More Than Content

Hi Tam - Thanks very much for your comment. I'd also submit that content marketing is not a campaign, it's a style of marketing that permeates all of the programs. If we are to present a unified effort, then we must start thinking about how it all works together, not a campaign here and a campaign there. That's one of the biggest challenges. And I'm totally with you on the monitoring and measuring for adjustments!

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On Content Marketing Needs More Than Content

Hi Cathy - Glad you found the article inspiring! And I'm especially glad to see you're working on putting all the pieces together. It will be worth the effort.

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On Treat Your Content with More Respect

Update: Please note that the source for the survey information should be IDG Connect. The webinar was presented by IDC and IDG Connect. My apologies for the incorrect attribution.

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On Buyer Persona’s — A Great Starting Point For Sales!

Hi David,

Thanks for the mention. Every marketing program must begin with a solid foundational understanding of who you're trying to engage. Tony provides a great example of what happens when that light bulb goes off. As another, imagine the difference when you walk up to someone you don't know at a party and say something like, "So, what do you do?"

Think about that vs. the difference when you walk up to someone you know and can launch into the conversation on common ground that has relevance for the person you're speaking to. Huge difference.


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On The Job of a Lead Nurturing Email

Thanks, Craig. Your customers aren't alone. :) But, they also make it harder than it needs to be. Simple and compelling is all that's needed. Yes, I know, easier than it sounds.

Have a great weekend!

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On The Job of a Lead Nurturing Email

Thanks, Pat!

As for the A/B testing - are you for or against? I'm guessing that you're in favor of it but I'm also guessing that you're not seeing nearly as much of it as you would like. Strangely, it's nice to know that other conference rooms are having similar conversations. Maybe if we keep at it, we'll start seeing some change.



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On Writing Content is Not a Job for Sissies

Hi Alyson - I think you nailed it. Veering off course is one of the biggest challenges in writing content. I'm so glad you found my post helpful. Thanks very much for letting me know!


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On The Biggest Question When Using B2B Social Media

Hi Lisa - Thank you - for both your comment and sharing the report. SEO is a good point to remember with social media. Many people use hash tags or keywords to create filters for the social media they interact with.


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On The Biggest Question When Using B2B Social Media

Thanks, Stephanie! I see it all the time in my work with clients. For some reason using social media seems to be more about the tools than the integration of a new component into the content marketing mix.

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On How do you define a High Quality Lead?


Thanks for your comment and your four tips. One thing I'd like to point out is that they are not all that simple, but they are foundational for improving a company's lead management process. It's getting to agreement between all factions involved that causes the difficulty. Well, that and that companies really aren't all that sure how to define any of them to the degree necessary to make a difference in market approaches. I'm hopeful that's changing.


Thanks for your comment. I agree with Dan that the question isn't the best approach. From working with Brian I also know that his intention is that the question be answered, however how it's stated conversationally is more subtle and based on prospect conversational cues.


Good points, as usual. Perfecting the handoff process takes time and effort. Marketing teams rarely get their first attempts at lead scoring correct the first time out. For example, in my book I write about a company that discovered through sales feedback that they were waiting too long to hand off leads. They made some adjustments and found tremendous results by getting their salespeople into the process at the right time. I think the key is that we have to make our best case, put it out there and then monitor it like a hawk to make adjustments as we go. It's the idea that marketing automation doesn't actually create a set-it-and-forget-it process that has stumped some companies.

Thanks much for your comments!


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On How to Get UnLinked on LinkedIn

Rachel and Minter,

Thank you both for chiming in. I appreciate your thoughts and apologize for being so late to respond.

One thing that I think eludes these people is that what they do is tied to their professional profiles. Even though social media is now a global affair, so to speak, it's still a very small world. People need to be more conscious of how what they do reflects back on them.


August 10, 2010    View Comment