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On Paying for Facebook

Thanks for your comment James.

April 15, 2014    View Comment    

On Your Facebook Page's Organic Reach Is About to Plummet

Tara, good article. We've become used to thinking of social media as free, and Facebook may be the biggest target for our frustration right now but the other networks are following suit. Yes, social media was free in the beginning - kind of like a lost leader, to lure in business. Now social media has, to some extent, a captive business audience. We've seen the potential and the value to building brand name recognition in particular. 

While I'm not keen to pay Facebook to promote my posts, I understand the reality. They were set up as a business, a big business, not a charity. This has (likely) been a part of their strategy since day one. And they have been slowly, over the past few years, getting us ready for the change by slowly making it more difficult to get into the Facebook news feed and in front of ffans without paying. There has pretty much always been a cost to attract new fans, at least those not somehow connected to someone to us or our fans in some way.

At this time, the cost is pretty small to get in front of a few thousand or more people in a localized area to hlep build brand name recognition. Larger companies of course need to get in front of more than a few thousand and will incur the larger cost of doing this.

All this to say, while I'd rather Facebook didn't charge to get my business in front of fans, the reality is all social media networks are going this way. Five years from now we may be thinking of these as the glory days of social media, once the other networks begin to follow suit more obviously.

March 28, 2014    View Comment    

On 5 Social Media Tips to Ignore

Love this article!! Thanks!

June 28, 2013    View Comment    

On 10 Tips for Writing Content that Ranks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Great article Brainna! Thanks for sharing. Sue

June 10, 2013    View Comment    

On How Semantic Search is Changing Everything

Excellent article David! A nicely laid out look at how search has evolved, and continues to evolve, and how a focus on SEO tactics alone isn't enough to earn businesses a spot at the top of search results. An article I'll be sharing. Thanks!

May 23, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook for Small Business: Is It Worth It?

Fernando, thanks for your comment. I agree completely!

My apologies for the delay in responding (somehow I missed seeing your comment).

May 18, 2013    View Comment    

On Zen and the Art of Search Engine Optimization

Excellent article! Easy read, makes total sense and hopefully will help small businesses who may think SEO is the key to being successful online. In a sense they're right, but not in the traditional sense of hiring someone to use every 'trick' in the book to raise their ranking in search engines. Better to focus on building a business (and online presence - website and social) that delivers what people are looking for and needing and to include solid SEO practices based on reality into the mix.

May 3, 2013    View Comment    

On Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Just About Facebook

Great article Adrian!

April 26, 2013    View Comment    

On Social Media’s Top 5 Contributions to Society

Samantha, thanks for the insightful article about how social media is being used to inform, communicate with and engage people and communities. It's a new world.

April 20, 2013    View Comment    

On SEO Is Not for the Lazy

Great article Jamie! To the point, concise and telling it like it is. Thank you!!

April 19, 2013    View Comment    

On 7 Tips for New (and Inactive) LinkedIn Users

Thanks for your comment Andrew! Yes, I find it quite suprising too.

Some of those with inactive/incomplete profiles are quite successful and very networked, but not online. It's not hurting them now, at least not in obvious ways to them. But for the ones in their 40s who are still likely to have many productive working years left, it may.

Most employers looking to hire sales, marketing, communications,customer service, managerial, key leadership and other roles are, I would guess, wanting this skill and knowledge in potential candidates. Even when the person doing the hiring ISN'T knowledgeable in social media themselves.

Even now and in the future, where there are two candidates vying for the same job, one's experience and knowledge of social media could be the difference maker/deciding factor.

April 19, 2013    View Comment    

On Social Selling: The Evolution of a Salesperson

Excellent article Ben. As you point out, social media can be a valuable tool in the arsenal of sales people. While most of them don't seem to yet realize it, this is changing thanks to thought provoking articles like yours.

April 11, 2013    View Comment