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On Is Pheed the Next Big Thing?

I completley agree Kent. I think users are also be more cautious with the time they're investing in new social networks. Putting your time and data onto every hot startup can leave them feeling disappointed when they don't take off, or worse shut down. 

October 22, 2012    View Comment    

On Three ‘Don't’s’ of Twitter

Agreed that is a great article about the rule of thirds. Cheers for the comments both. Sometimes it's good to go back to basics. 

July 14, 2012    View Comment    

On Three ‘Don't’s’ of Twitter

Thanks Tamara! 

July 14, 2012    View Comment    

On The Social Network Formerly Known as Twitter

I completely agree that this did seem to be a feather fluffing exercise rather than any genuine need for a rebrand. My jaw dropped when I saw it trending on Twitter, I think Victoria Beckham is the only other person to be able to create such a stir with a haircut. 

June 8, 2012    View Comment    

On Measuring Influence on Pinterest

Hi Pinpuff, 


Thanks for the info and looking forward to seeing the full profiles in action. 





February 29, 2012    View Comment    

On BBC and Sky News do not want journalists breaking stories on Twitter

Thanks for linking us to that article Robin, I think he makes a good point about not taking everything seriously. 

February 14, 2012    View Comment