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On The Social Spark: Strategies to Increase Social Engagement


These examples are textbook for what companies need to do in order to stop just existing on social networks. The proof is in the pudding that creating fun, creative ways for customers to be engaged will trump any advertising campaign in ROI. I think companies are starting to realize this.

Great whitepaper BTW it's that sort of content that makes vistors like me happy to retweet content for a mutual gain.


- @MrRyanConnors

January 10, 2012    View Comment    

On Top Five LinkedIn New Year Resolutions for 2012


Your post was spot on with great ideas for Linkedin. One that I might add is really trying to make an effort to connect to connections. I know many people, myself included, have lots of LinkedIn connection that sit collect dust with the hope of someday being utlitized. Now, I know its's not practical to stay in touch with hundreds of different people. However by seeing their networking activities and aligning with them it will better the chances of a legitimate benefit from the relationship. I know through blogging and specific #in twitter updates, I've had connections remember me, hopefully in a good light, by rememebering the stream of good content I pump into the network. - @MrRyanConnors

January 5, 2012    View Comment