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On Using Automation to Empower the Human Connection

As promised, here is an update on the story of the Howertons and their adoption of Kembert, an orphan from Haiti. He's home and adjusting to life in the US - stoked to have a trampoline in his backyard.


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On Is Customer Service Really the New Marketing?


Great post. I had the same title to one of my draft posts. This one is likely much better than mine, so I'll just point others here.

Your concept of 1: many :1  is well described. However, I have one adjustment to your thoughts. I don't think that companies are moving or need to move away from 1:1 communication. They simply need to recognize that there is ALSO a different kind of conversation to have in addition to 1:1. What you describe is an addition to the mix, not a replacement.

At the end of the day, the community's input may influence/validate (social proof, recommendations, referrals), but most customers will still make up their own mind based on their specific needs and a 1:1 interaction - especially in a solution level transaction.

While some may come to the organization via the 1: many :1 route, I argue that 1:1 targeted CONTENT (the new marketing) will still have a significant impact. This is never going to go away. In that case, the message will follow more of a 1:1: many :1 route, and hopefully repeat over and over again through tons of individual nodes.

Talk soon,
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On Using Automation to Empower the Human Connection

Martin, thanks for sharing the link.

Brent, I'll update this post when their son comes to them.

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On Using Automation to Empower the Human Connection


Great Post. There are a ton of takeaways from this on so many levels.

A friend of mine was actually in Haiti when the earthquake hit. She and her husband Mark have been involved in the adoption process with a son from Haiti and she was down there with her other 8 month old baby girl when the earthquake hit.

She used Social Media (Blog, Twitter, Facebook) to communicate with her family when phone lines were down. Her personal recap of her experience is here and MSNBC had a conversation with her earlier today about the challenges she and other adoptive parents are facing with the children in Haiti that now are suffering in tragic circumstances.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

To keep up with the development of the Howerton's story, and the pending situation with Haitian orphans, visit Kristen's blog.

 One of the key takeaways for me from the text donation story is the enablement of micro-payments which allows lots of people to give a little and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in lives around the world. We'll likely see much more of this in the near future.

The test of the human spirit will be the continued dedication to help those in need when the news stories fade, and the real work is still left to be done.

Sincere thanks for turning our attention to something greater than ourselves and the latest advances in technology. May the human spirit live on.

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