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On Forget Mobile First, It's Bigger Than That


Very insightful questions. Regarding your first question, as we continue to seamlessly integrate mobile tech into our daily function, I think it is getting harder to tell. We can measure some things with analytics, but not all. New marketing technologies like ad retargeting and the nascent IOT evolution will further complicate the picture. In the future, success in marketing may require a curious mix of philosophy and technology...

Thanks again for your input!



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On Forget Mobile First, It's Bigger Than That


Thanks for the props! Glad to be of help; fun article for me to write.



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On Digital Marketers: Don’t Forget the Boomers


Thanks for the comments! You make an excellent point about how new-world marketers are, ironically, stuck in an old-world mindset. Great turn of phrase. 

I really appreciate the keen insight!




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On Pinterest Is a Business Necessity


Thanks for the comment, and the props on the post! I totally understand your point, and somewhat agree- small businesses pressed for time should first get set up on the "mainstream" social networks most relavent to their business (which might be Pinterest, depending on their user demographic). Having said that, a few thoughts:

a) It doesn't take much to set up a shingle on Pinterest. Once you're set up, it's relatively easy to update without too much effort or interaction.

b) Point "a", when coupled with the site's robust engagement and conversion numbers, would suggest that it is a smart move to get set up on Pinterest, at least as a beta test.

c) Admittedly, we don't know what direction the site will go. All of the major social networks started out small. What we do know is that the consumer adoption of mobile devices favors visually-oriented networks and easy touch-screen actionability. Pinterest provides both.

Thanks again for your comment and insight!



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On Promoting Content with Social Media and eMail Marketing


Thanks for the comment! I understand your point, although as long as companies focus on publishing useful content that speaks to the wants and needs of their target audience, use sensible SEO techniques to attract prospects, and promote their content with social and email, companies will find success.

Thanks again. Heres to a great 2013!


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On The Best Branded Content of the Year: 2012

Thanks Kent! Yes, this was a great post put together by our in resident brand journalist, Jacey Gulden; great work, Jacey!!!

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On Google+ Communities: Good for Users, Marketers, and Google

Thanks for that insight, Qnary!

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On 2013: The Year of Integrated Digital Marketing


Thanks for your comments! I think you make a critical point when you say that, if companies gear up for the demands posed by the 7 trends in this article, there is no reason why they should fail. I really believe that by implementing a well-conceived integrated digital marketing strategy, businesses can take great advantage of all of these changes. Triggering emotion drives deeper connection, which leads to short-term conversion and long-term brand loyalty.

I appreciate your valuable input!



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On 2013: The Year of Integrated Digital Marketing


Thank you for the kind words! Your aforementioned post on Intent-based targeting is an excellent and thorough-going review of the topic; I would highly recommend it to other readers (as a sidenote, I wish more blog articles were written with the level of detail you pour into this one!). 

All of these trends really do suggest 2013 will be a very busy year for digital marketers!



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On Today's Sci-Fi Writers Are Tomorrow's Don Drapers

Great post, Rick! I couldn't agree more...

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On 3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Target Audience

Thanks for all of the great comments! Scott, that comscore data has been inspiring a lot of talk within our office about the importance of video/social video; I appreciate you sharing the data. At the end of the day, it's all about connecting with your audience by providing genuine value to them...

Thanks again, gang!


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On My smartphone told me to buy it!: Big Data Hits Mobile


Sorry for the slow response, I somehow missed your comment until now.

I've never read Vaynerchuk's theory about the "context war," but I think I may have recently written something similar on the role of context in a brand's content marketing strategy. Check it out and let me know what you think!

By the way, I read your post- great stuff! 

Thanks for your input,


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