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On Can Social Influencers Be Mentors?

Hi Avtar,

Thanks for reading! You bring up a good point about credit given to influencers and moreover to those who influence through sharing content from other sources but create much less of it on their own. (Hence, why it's even more unfair to expect the source itself to constantly be going, going, going on all cylinders nonstop.) I think the worry here is less on the topic itself that everyone has commentary on. If the commentary is structured and comes with an argument or an interesting point of view, it'll be well received and shared accordingly. Ideally. More often than not it's careful timing and keyword title placement that pivots a mediocre piece to viral stardom. But the lasting legs on a well written article are very telling in how readers reading it realize that it's a good piece and share and view it accordingly, giving it life beyond a flash in the pan moment for an unknown amount of time to come.

- Deborah

March 4, 2014    View Comment    

On How Social Marketing Is Redefining the Super Bowl

Definitely - I'm following you on Twitter now! I think my bio has my Google+ link included, but let me know if it doesn't and I can pass it along.

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On How Social Marketing Is Redefining the Super Bowl

Hi Wahiba - thanks for reading the post! I have two sons so I might be a little bit preoccupied with them on Super Bowl Sunday than I am with my Twitter feed, but I'll be checking in from time to time to see what's trending. That's the beauty of Twitter. It's constantly buzzing with activity and commentary and so much of it is so funny and clever that even if you, or your company, is considered to be small you can have a truly huge and engaging presence online. My advice for businesses wanting to pull something together fast when it comes to social media campaigns is to always take care in whatever you say and how you say it. Don't rush a tweet or write one that is fumbled and confusing to look like you're constantly "on." Campaigns are and will always be tricky because you could plan one out for months and it could stumble or you could whip one up in less than two weeks to test out and it becomes a hit. There's no recipe for success, and no one size that fits everyone, so test and try things out and see what happens!

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On How to Create a Successful Infographic for the New Year

Thanks for your feedback Avtar, espiecially the point on keeping the content fresh, useful, and creative. I'll keep that note on presenting future posts on infographics in infographic format in mind! 

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On How to Create a Successful Infographic for the New Year

I definitely agree with you Blake - it's important that everyone is on the same page before getting started because otherwise it's a waste on everyone's time and energy spent working on the project all around.

I am also extremely pro-designer pay, whether it's full-time or on a freelance basis. Everyone on a team at a company, even (and especially) your interns, deserve to be paid for their hard work.

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On The 10 Biggest Social Media Missteps Businesses Made in 2013

Thanks for your addition, Alan. My original list of social media blunders this year was unfortunately longer than 10 items - hopefully in 2014 that changes!

December 18, 2013    View Comment    

On Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr: Which is Best Bet for Your Business’ Blog?

I'm excited to see this blast from the past post is still making the rounds online - thanks for your comment, Faris! And a year later since writing this post, I'm excited to see Tumblr still hasn't changed in the addictive/reciprocal respect!

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On 100 Things to Tweet About Besides Yourself!

These are extremely helpful and useful. EVERY tweeting small business should keep this article on file! 

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On A Guide to the Perfect Facebook Post: High CTR, Low CPC

It is so, so important to know your target audience to such a minute degree- you're spot on! I feel that when new businesses take their first stab at a marketing campaign they neglect to pay attention to the huge importance of that detail. Very helpful, thank you!

September 25, 2013    View Comment    

On Social Startups: Haiku Deck Helps Everyone Easily Repurpose Content into Effective, Stunning Slide Presentations

What a great idea! MyCorporation will most definitely look into using this. Thanks for sharing! 

September 25, 2013    View Comment    

On 3 Benefits Pinterest's Latest Features Provide Business Accounts

I agree! The more shortcuts and speed to posting companies can make with their apps, the better, especially for social networking sites that rely heavily on app usage because they have so many users and companies with profiles on these sites that count on them to be constantly up and running. But at the heart of everything, furthering the movement to personalize a page to the user's interest is what sets Pinterest apart from the pack - they're one of the few apps out there who know exactly what their users like and how to get what they like (and more of that material) sent their way.

August 1, 2013    View Comment    

On How to Communicate a Dying Company Through Social Media

Definitely! And using Tumblr as the platform of choice to discuss his start-up on was a smart move - it's easy to tag posts and gain a following/traction from the bloggers there.

July 9, 2013    View Comment