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On Google Drive and the Future of Your Online Marketing

The big challenge to Dropbox is that both Skydrive and GDrive both allow you to edit documents (even collaboratively) from the web interface. That's a BIG win - I've wanted to edit a document on Dropbox from another computer plenty of times, but couldn't do it.

Mobila Bucuresti,

Mobila bucatarie la comanda din PAL si MDF

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On 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get More B2B Leads

The importance of LinkedIn is sometimes ignored in social media. However, it is a very strong business network that should be included in the social media strategy of any business.

May 2, 2012    View Comment    

On LinkedIn 4x Better for B2B Leads than Facebook or Twitter

The real value is (or will be) the highly detailed profile information on those in the network. As a marketer, targeting companies of a certain vertical with a certain title within a certain age group is invaluable.

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On How 3 Small Businesses Succeed at Google+

I’ll be less obtuse. What Google has done, remarkably, is to transfer all the worst qualities of Facebook to themselves while managing to retain almost none of the good ones. They were behind the scenes.

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