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On Social Media A-Z: A Glossary for 2013

I also want to share my blog post of April 11th, 2012 on the social media alphabet - http://micvadam.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/the-social-media-alphabet/


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On Help! Where did the conversation go?

I agree that the connection with that one person is important but then you you groups to circumvent the LI limitation of sending messages and connection with people.  Of course, this is good and proves that LI is a connection tools instead of a conversation tool.

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On Dear Social Media Expert - 10 Reasons Why I Won't be Attending your Masterclass

Love your comments and statements! Fully agree. There are a lot of cowboys out there.

But there is also the other side of the story, namely the attendees that think they are already to a point where they think they need a masterclass. They too fuel these types of offerings.  It is not because you have a profile on twitter/FB or LI that you are ready for a masterclass.

My conclusion is that when you get to the masterclass level, it is an individual approach that works and then the so-called social media expert (if there us such as thing - let's be real, we are just one step ahead of our clients) needs to demonstrate that he/she understands not only the social media platforms but also how business works and what/how business goals must be reached.  Business experience and how to link it SoMe to it is key.  

Love to hear from you all.


Mic Adam

Vanguard Leadership

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