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On Why Social Media Marketing Is More Effective Than PR

David - again great points. If you look at the Google Zero Moment of Truth study, the 2 types of research that buyers more than any others were search engine queries and referrals/reviews from trused people like friends and relatives. The second is the same as it always has been - relationship-based.  In my business, I try to hit both by maintaining on- and offline relationships. Imagine running into one of your college friends 20 years from now in a business context. Can you think of anything better?

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On Why Social Media Marketing Is More Effective Than PR

David - good point. I heard a start-up founder last night talking about how important getting positive coverage on TechCrunch, Mashable, etc. was to him. He was an ex-AOL guy, so he had some pre-existing relationships that eased the way for him.

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On Inspired Content Creation


As a non-professional writer who has taken to writing a lot over the past year, I appreciate your insights. I particularly liked your suggestion to look outside your industry for ideas. I'm going to blog like Joe Strummer writes.

Great post!

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On How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for Social Media Success

Kent - I recently wrote a blog post on using social media for sales professionals (individuals) and agree that LinkedIn has been primarily a community where individuals interact with each other.  For companies in the B2B space, it makes a lot of sense to start posting content to LinkedIn to support the individual employees on the community.  Good luck with your revenue generation!

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