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On You might be a Social Media Spammer (and not know it).

Hi Ron, thanks for your comment. I do recommend filling in your website. Secondly regarding your comment about LinkedIn Groups, I agree. Many of the groups are not moderated well and fill up with spam. I moderate all of my groups to avoid that!

June 13, 2012    View Comment    

On Social Media Etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s always great to remember that having good manners and etiquette will show no matter
where you are. Whether you are out there with real people, or just online sharing your
thoughts, your true character will show through, and that’s what will remind other people who
you really are.

May 31, 2012    View Comment    

On Top 15 Influencers to Follow in Web & Social Analytics

Thanks for sharing this list. It’s really good to follow the experts and learn from their insights. Analytics is an often ignored aspect, but it’s really from there that we can get to understand our business more.

May 29, 2012    View Comment