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On Is Real-time Engagement the New Real-time Marketing?

Hi Kevin - Thanks for making a good point - some of the most "engaging" people I've ever met have been some of the best sales people I've ever met! There are many different types of engagement, and certainly a role for sales in the process. Unfortunately, I see many overlook "sales" entirely, resulting in messaging that is often in conflict with (or not reinforcing) marketing (or corporate, or customer service, etc.).

Fortunately, we are beginning to see tools emerge that can help us understand our audience much better, to gauge their interests and sentiment in near-real-time, and engage in the appropriate way.

Thanks again - Fred

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On Is Real-time Engagement the New Real-time Marketing?

Warren - Thank you for the great point about the OREO success (and how we measure/perceive success). One of the components that went into making that particular spot so successful was that most viewers/fans already had a relationship with OREOs, or (even better) had 'other' relationships and memories that were connected to OREO.

It's hard not to think of an OREO without thinking of how you eat them, how you watched your child try to pull one apart without breaking the creme, or how you laughed the first time you had to drain the glass to get that OREO that accidentally dropped into the milk (#hownottodunk).

Real-time engagement is a way to build brand/fan relationships, to discover and reinforce those ties between experiences and the product, and to provide context to the larger marketing campaign.

Here's to a Super Bowl without too many wannabe ads!

Thanks again! - Fred

January 30, 2014    View Comment