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On How Much Do Celebrities Who Get Paid To Tweet Earn? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's pretty incredible that Jared Leto only has about a million followers and still makes the same $$$ than the Kardashian girl, who has about 8 milliom.

June 14, 2013    View Comment    

On Responsive Design in 60 Seconds [VIDEOGRAPHIC]

Seshu - Your case sounds like a very particular one - not something to be generalized. Check out another responsive site: www.waveapps.com. It's a software-as-a-service company that gets new prospects via an online form. Their CTA stays always at the top regardless of scrolling down or switching the device. The same can be accomplished with any other kind of CTA information (phone numbers, emails, etc).

Responsive design does allow for hierarchization and priorization of elements according to each device. Content isn't 'shoved' from one device to the other one. In fact, with responsive design all devices are taken into account before organizing and laying out the content. In fact, mobile is actually a priority for many responsive designers.

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On Responsive Design in 60 Seconds [VIDEOGRAPHIC]

Hi Seshu - Thanks for your comment. Could you give some examples of responsive sites where you found those problems?

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On Content Curation Sneaks Up on Marketers

Check out this infographic about the rise of content curation, trends and its benefit for marketers: http://www.uberflip.com/blog/infographic-using-curation-to-create-the-perfect-content-marketing-mix

August 29, 2012    View Comment