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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

I've had this same sentiment, but it is heavily dependent on our business model. We only aim for B2B, and our target audience is mostly internet pros. Those guys don't want to be pitched on Facebook, plain and simply. We also won't start posting inane stuff just to catch attention, so our page is very low in activity and likes. That's by design. We get much more run from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and especially content marketing (our blog and other sites).

Kudos on the no nonsense opinion piece. Every platform and medium is unique, and we don't learn anything by sitting around the Facebook fire singing Kumbaya.

June 10, 2013    View Comment    

On Stop Stealing My Blog Posts!

Sadly, this happens on other sites as well. After publishing an article on Search Engine Journal last week, some random auto-gen blog snagged my bio, started spinning it into gibberish, and is now cranking out a new "spin" of it daily. There's no monetization on the site, so I'm puzzled what the purpose is in the first place. Negative SEO attack perhaps?

April 25, 2013    View Comment    

On Are We Heading to a Post-Blogging World?

Completely agree with the point that you can accelerate audience building on a major platform like this one, but in the end, you really don't "own" anything. Guest posts are great for building credibility and backlinks, networking, etc. At the end of the day, if you are blogging to support a business, you still need your own web presence.

For individuals, though, I mostly agree with you. I have a blog that is "just for fun", and it doesn't merit the time and effort required to push it up the SERPs. In retrospect, I would have probably been better off doing it on an established domain.

September 13, 2012    View Comment