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On The Second Largest Search Engine [INFOGRAPHIC]

PSY himself once said that he would of been a loser if it wasn't for music. Not only is he not a loser, but is one of the most famous names in music. Amazing, almost 2 billion views!

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On Information Overload from Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks Dimitris, appreciate the comment.

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On Information Overload from Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Belinda, I would love to know the answer to your question because I often wonder the same thing. So are we letting technology get ahead us and adjusting for it? What was everyone doing before Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja? Hell, before the iphone people actually talked during dinner and watched before they crossed the road.

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On Information Overload from Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your right people will only look at the things that interest them and the technology within Twitter, Facebook ect also helps narrow down what we "should" like.

However, other studies have shown that the average social media user can't get enough info and will be checking their profiles last thing at night and as soon as they get up. Why? Simply because there is always new information available, and a lot of users are afraid of missing out - even if they don't realise it. 

I'm not actually sure if we should be cutting back or sharing more, and think that testing and analysing how your audience engages is the only way to find out.

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On 5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Click Through Your LinkedIn Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hey Adam, 

Are those stats your estimate or are you currently running a survey? 


If you are running a survey would love to see the published results.



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On The Portrait of a LinkedIn User in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Daniël Mulder thanks for the link, will give that a read later this weekend. 

Loraine Antrim Thank you for the feedback, we normally break down infographics like this.

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On Best Practices for Brand Engagement in Social Media

Agreed, everything in moderation:) 

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On Best Practices for Brand Engagement in Social Media

Hi Helen,

You have a valid point, though it really does depend on the bussiness. We provide social media news and most follow us to recieve the our news. We only follow a few to gather intel for our stories and stay up to date within the industry.  

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On Social Networks Small and Medium Enterprises Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks for checking out my site, and glad you liked the article!
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On Google+: Why Bloggers Need It So Badly

Thanks for your thoughts, and Warren yes I totally agree Google Authorship is a huge factor with Google+ for bloggers. Android is growing and with every android comes Google and Google+. 

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On Google+ Communities: the Death of Message Boards?

Death to message boards, Google+ hasnt got a chacne of killing tradtional message boards! 

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On Upload Pictures Automatically Using Facebook Photo Sync

This is one of the biggest advantages Google+ had, look's like Facebook will be on par with that now. 

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