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On The Second Share

Thanks for the feedback!

Trying to get the second share, and subsequently the full-on viral share, is tricky. It's not just "marketing to the lowest common denominator" as the whole point of viral sharing is reaching that select demographic.

It takes a real precise awareness of your demographic's habits, preferences, and networks. After all, the second share is really a trust in your audience to spread your content; just as your audience must trust you for the quality of your product.

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On The Second Share

Thanks for the feedback! If you want to look at other helpful insights of mine, look up my other posts here on SocialMediaToday or visit my blog.

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On Debunking Three Social Marketing Myths

It's all about numbers. Likes, etc. appear to be easy quantifable numbers, but unfortunately they just aren't accurate. The real numbers are far more ambiguous and harder to obtain, but from the business perspective numbers are king. It's just a matter of delivering the actual numbers, not just any numbers. It's part of the shift in perspective that social marketing has brought on; the traditional rules just don't quite apply in this new game.

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On Debunking Three Social Marketing Myths

Thanks for the feedback, Sue. I cover lots of the psychology, sociology, history, and other "big ideas" behind social and online marketing. You can read my other articles either here on Social Media Today or on my blog: http://corsairmediaservices.com/index.php/blog

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On Can We Blame Facebook for Stone Age Jerks?

Thanks for the comment, Chris. And especially for the tweet!

Yeah, one of the drawbacks of putting oneself up to the eye of social media is the potential of crowdlashes like that.

Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about it proactively without toeing the line of being too harsh and closed off. Sometimes the only thing that can be done in order to save face is to roll with the punches. Rather than condemn the swarm, play it off.

Schoolyard manners come back into play, strangely enough. Everybody loves the cool kids because they can shrug the mud off and not let it get to them. Those who can twist an otherwise embarassing situation around, usually with humor, only endear themselves moreso with their followers.

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