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On Malaysia Airlines: Are You Completely Heartless? Do You Deserve The Looming Firestorm?

UPDATE: This may not be the full story.... Give me a few minutes to scout out more details... A great example of journalism reporting a partial story that leads to a mess.

And you did the same thing by reporting on something before full details came out.

March 25, 2014    View Comment    

On Tracking Conversions on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks Avtar! I'll probably start working on that soon!

January 23, 2014    View Comment    

On Abercrombie and Glitch: Facebook Ads Gone Wrong

And if you ARE under fire, ensure that your Facebook posts for advertising are Unpublished, that way organic traffic to your page doesn't see the negative comments.

December 6, 2013    View Comment    

On Will Pongr Be the Next Social Media Giant?

A social media network run by marketing people for consumers... I see this going nowhere :(

April 3, 2013    View Comment    

On Twitter Analytics and Advanced Advertising: Take a Peek

Great thought, I went back in and checked. You're able to target to State or DMA... so in most cases you're going to have to settle for the greater metro area. For example, I was able to target Cleveland-Akron, Ohio, but not Westlake Ohio (where our office is), from what I've seen with other advertising networks, this isn't too bad.


For small businesses, it'd probably be best to target either the metro area, or followers of businesses near your location. For example, if I was running a small business in Westlake I would not choose Cleveland-Akron, since that's going to give me too many people. Instead I'd focus on followers of @WestlakeOhio etc.

Good feedback Zach and great thinking! Thanks for the comment!



April 2, 2013    View Comment    

On Will New Twitter Filter Hurt Small Businesses?

This is all very similar to Facebook's Edgerank. Small businesses, generally, are the ones that have resorted to buying followers/fans/retweets, this puts them at a disadvantage. People/Businesses/Brands that worked hard to build up a following and focus on engagement (rather than # of followers) shouldn't be impacted too heavily. 

In my opinion of course.

February 18, 2013    View Comment