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On Using Facebook Hashtags: Guide for Business

Hey Elisabeth, I do yes, but then this is more based around my own preference. I personally use Facebook purley for friends. I wouldnt want people outside of this circle to find the content I post on there, I actually go to pretty extreme lenghs to lock my personal Facebook down so its totally private.

As I say though, I am maybe old school in this respect and its just my way of enjoying the site.

For brands however, it represents a great oppurtunity. Since Facebooks aggressive monetisation, it is harder and harder to get found, so unless, as you say, the spammers tainte it (as they may well do ;-) It represents a great new oppurtunity :-)

June 19, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook Status Updates More Memorable Than Books

You know Kent I am really not sure. I read a serious amount of books. I do personally find some of them to feel more disposable than a digital exchange. Even when I enjoyed them!

I guess a lot depends on what kind of person you are but also, what books you are reading :)


January 23, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook Status Updates More Memorable Than Books

Hi Fernando. Thanks for taking the time to comment! It sounds like you didnt like the study. Thats a shame! I thought it made a lot of sense. I think it is down to different types of people and personalisty. Everyone is wired up differently.

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On The Best SEO Advice I've Seen in a Long Time: Relevance is the new PR

The essence of modern SEO is always going to be relevance. It makes sense really, if you are looking to boost your position in SERPS it is because you want to drive traffic. If you are going to go to the effort of finding places to place links, you may as well place them in relevant places where traffic is going to come from.

Modern SEO is really just about common sense.

October 21, 2012    View Comment