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On The Super Bowl: Our Favorite Ads

Because the worlds biggest brands spend 3 Mil on an advert - not counting the production cost, showing during the most watched broadcast every year because the returns are poor.



February 12, 2014    View Comment    

On SEO: Why Main Keywords Do Not Exist

Hi Belinda


Brand name and the thousands of phrases a user searches for! Remember, something like 20% of searches are incredibly "long tail" to the point they've not been searched before. To rank for these you need to have a content creation strategy deisgned to rank for long tail keywords.

And everyone forgets about branded terms!

Thanks for commenting!

October 21, 2013    View Comment    

On SEO: Why Main Keywords Do Not Exist

Hi Dave!


I'm not saying we need to focus on each individual keyword in order to rank, far from it - SEOs and webmasters need to stop looking at individual keywords and look at the bigger picture and rank for 100's or 1000's of keywords that will naturally occur from expanding a site's content. As far as strategising, it's not that i've ignored it as such - it's just it would make for a good follow up blog of it's own! :-)

Your right in what you say, you need a focused strategy based around content creation to rank for long tail variations of head terms and indeed, it's not practical to consider each term individually - and you shouldn't. Good (quality & relevant) content creation will lead to the ranking of more long tail high converting keywords. Thanks for comenting!

October 21, 2013    View Comment