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On Top Travel App Innovations That Will Change The Way You Travel in 2014

Thanks, Ajay! For flights, there's always Skyscanner for last minute travel (and Kayak, of course), along with HotelTonight and Airbnb, as well. With so many options in the market, it's hard to make up one's mind!

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On 4 Things Brands and Bloggers Should Know

Hi Hannah,

Yes, not a problem. According to Jessica Epperly of The Wakeman Agency, in PR Daily, she writes:

"PR takes the value of advertising and builds upon it based on enhanced impact. Editorial is third-party opinion, so the impact is considered three times that of a paid advertisement. For instance, if a half-page ad in the local newspaper costs $500, then a half-page worth of editorial in the same newspaper would be valued at $1,500. 

There is also something called page rank. Whether your story appears at the beginning or the end of a magazine can impact the media value. 

Also, if your story appears on the top left side of a page, it is often valued higher, because statistically people tend to read the top left side first and spend more time looking left when paging through a magazine or newspaper. 

Your editorial could end up on the same page as a competitor’s advertisement, thereby damping the impact. 

It is important when considering your advertising and public relations budgets to think about the kind of impact you want to have. For example, if you’re promoting an evening of events, put more of your budget toward advertising, because the call to action needs to be instantaneous and short-lived. 

If you want to increase general awareness of your brand or bring attention to your organization’s cause, editorial would be the preferred method, as you want your message to have a much stronger and longer lasting impact through third-party opinion and strategic messaging."

I hope you find this helpful and thanks for your comment!

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