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On R.I.P. Twitter as a Marketing Platform

I don't think Twitter as defined here was ever a great markting platform. On the other hand, I don't think anyhting has changed to make Twitter less viable to those who get value.

Good marketing with Twitter has nothing to do with looking at the entire Twitter ocean, but with finding smaller streams of relevance. Search, targeting and, as many above say, engagement will always work.

Plus, Twitter is awesome for failing. Most failures (unless spectacular, frightening or hilarious) are forgotten quickly.

Twitter is dead? Long live Twitter
May 21, 2010    View Comment    


I'm directing the comment to you and anyone reading the story. 

I refer to the email you linked to above-- printed in English here: http://trueslant.com/marceloballve/2010/03/02/popular-farmville-online-game-accused-of-mishandling-haiti-donation-campaign/ 

From my read, it seems the 50% is from some previous, pre-earthquake campaign games, rather than some broken promise. 

I'm posting on behalf of myself, an interested reader. 
March 4, 2010    View Comment    


Read the email-- I don't think that's what they are admitting. I believe there may be a serious rush to judgment here.
March 4, 2010    View Comment