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On Employee Advocacy and the Employee-Brand Relationship Model [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hi Mike!  Thank you so much!

You make a wonderful point... It was so interesting to see in the Altimeter Group's report, The State of Social Business 2013, that half of the executives in the study feel that they are informed, engaged and aligned with social strategy, because that points to the glaring reality that half of them are not!  Which, in turn, means that half of businesses today are missing the key ingredient for leadership for their social business programs.  From what I have concluded, this lack of leadership points to either trouble with buy-in regarding the value of social media (which I believe is becoming less of an issue - the value is hard to deny anymore), or is it because they are untrained and unfamiliar with it?  Do the tasks seem overwhelming due to a lack of the proper tools, platforms and training to make it happen?  ... Whatever the blockers may be, you are right.  These questions need to be answered, and a case needs to be built for a program like this before the implementation can be successful.

Thank you so much for your input!  : )


January 7, 2014    View Comment    

On The Relevance Emergency: Gen X in a Millennial World

Absolutely, Eric!!  Love your input here.  It is right on target.  

Thank you for the article and book reference, too.  

I think you make a great point in stating that the change driving it will not only continue, but will accelerate.  I think that's the key.  People need to be aware that they need to start positioning themselves now in the new media landscape, by establishing their presence and influence, as well as evolving with the new tools through continual observation, awareness, and emersion, in order to adapt.

Thanks again for your comments! 

September 25, 2013    View Comment    

On The Relevance Emergency: Gen X in a Millennial World

Thank you so much, Ric!  

I love your approach, and I agree with your sentiment whole-heartedly.  We are witness to a revolution, and the disturbance won't be pretty for many.  

How great, though, that it doesn't have to be that way.  These same digital tools causing the disruption also allow for democratized learning and growth for anyone who desires to learn and grow.  The opportunity is enormous if you just reach out and grab it.  : )


September 25, 2013    View Comment