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On Why WeChat (Not Twitter) Represents the Next Generation of Social Networks

Hi Barbara,


definitely right for privacy issues. But now that we know that the UK and the US agencies spied on us, we have very few alternatives to live "secretely" AND connected :)

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On The Ping Pong Effect in Social Media Communities: #DIESELREBOOT Case Study

Hi Patrick

That's an interesting point when it comes to UGC and this strange era of narcissism and self-admiration (a process more and more sought after by some individuals through social networks...maybe)

At the end, it these spotted people are then helped in their quests to achieve their projects, why not?

I don't think that it's always all white or all black: there will always be wannabe people who want to get noticed. And so what? Is it bad per se? If the brand is authentic with what she promises to them, I think it's good. In this campaign, Diesel does not promise to save the world but to spot unexpected talents. At the end, I prefer a Diesel showcasing this gallery of diversity instead of an Abercrombie & Fitch.


and thanks for commenting

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On Don't Only Measure Your Brand Success With Direct ROI Indicators

Hi Fay,


Thanks for this point. All industries are not equal when it comes to social media. Nonetheless, it really depends on where you put the "social layer". Think about DuPont: on the paper, not the top glamourous way to reach their targets through Social Media. But providing social experiences and social services (think about this iphone app which allows painters to directly know which pantone is present in a specific picture) can also be considered as "social media", even if it's through "hidden spheres" and not on accessible blogs for instance;

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On Don't Only Measure Your Brand Success With Direct ROI Indicators

Dear Mike

thanks for your comment. I do agree to your "conversion" issue. Thus, I don't think that it should automatically drive to a "website" but more to a digital property. But I do agree with all your remarks!

March 8, 2013    View Comment    

On The New Digital Influencers

hi there,


again, my point is not to say "forget the bloggers, move to power users". My point is just to say that when you look at so many social media strategies (sic) not so many of them embrace new usages by real users.


The former "working" marketing model is still alive, of course; look at any fashion retail industry. But in the meantime, new channels rise, and you can't just deny them. The main difference is that these channels are mostly cultural; so brands must at least wonder if some elements of cultures shouldn't be outreached.




August 8, 2012    View Comment    

On The New Digital Influencers

Dear Kent,


You're absolutely right, these ways of publishing can't absolutely "die". Of course, relationships matter. But the thing is that apps worlds shape new rules, new "laws". In these small dictatorships, the way UX is thought establish specific kinds of relationships and expressions. That's why there are new digital influencers: because there are wider and more diversified social worlds....

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On Olympic Games Fatigue: Will London interest rise through Social Media?

thanks for this comment. I did not know your solution: if you're based close to Shoreditch, we should grab a pint or a café!

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On A 5-step methodology to sell creative ideas with Social Media

indeed! I'm sorry for that...

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On Five Considerations for Social Command Centers

thanks for this article David!

A tricky question: most organizations experience very diverse situations, depending on the programmes, seasons or breaking news. Do you consider that this "space" should be modified (ex: from a social newsroom to a social war-room)? Or do you think that the original space design should remain the same for any situation?

June 19, 2012    View Comment    

On Social Media Correspondents: The Future of Social TV?

thanks Tony! It opens a wide diversity of ideas ^^



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On Pinterest: When Curation Becomes Meaningful for Anyone

Hi Orlaith! You're absolutely right, but usages are just skyrocketting. I'm pretty sure they're already shaping new iterations, new ways to categorize. It's also something interesting to let users play with limited possibilités at this stage, to better anticipate future needs. Let's see in few weeks ;)
February 6, 2012    View Comment