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On People Don’t Buy Things, They Join Things

Nicely said Pam.

Once the emotional connection is made, people "join."

They join to be a leader, to feel smarter, to save money, to show-off how much money they spent - whatever the reason they join becuse you connected with them.

Keep up the great stuff!



October 23, 2011    View Comment    

On Why Google+ Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Facebook

Yes - totally agree with the fact that, for what you do, you need to fish in the bigger pond. Look forward to seeing the follow up post; filtering the firehose is an excellent choice of words.

Thanks for the reply Tommy.

Circled you as well...

July 14, 2011    View Comment    

On Why Google+ Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Facebook

This article is part of the reason why I frequent SocialMediaToday.com less & less: Hyped-up, sensational & lacking facts. Someone else previously mentioned earlier - the editors are reaching way back in the closet for articles such as this. 

Very easy to see why you're such a FB fan-boy, one glance at your website explains it - your personal business is built around one platform and anything that can be seen as a threat must be terrible.

Your arguments are based on hope & speculation. Monday-morning product critics are everywhere. G+ doesn't need to be bigger than FB to be declared a winner - it comes down to creating shareholder value. 

I would challenge you to do a follow-up post on all of your points in another 90 days. It'll be a different scenario when:

  • G+ Reaches 100mm users & user experience is better defined
  • SEO benefits have been recognized
  • Google's API is open
  • The iPone app is available
  • G+ bolts on products such as blogger, picasa and others
  • Launches their business pages

I find it ironic that you have posts within G+ praising both it's functionalities and the people using their unique qualities - while even experimenting with different methods as well as stating that you're "happy you made it on too." 

So, why not embrace it like you did at one point with Facebook and see the forest for the trees.

July 14, 2011    View Comment    

On Top 10 Reasons Twitter is On Top of the Social Media Food Chain


By loose statement I mean that just because there are so many devices, doesn't imply future or intended usage. 

There are approximately 200 million users already using Facebook via their mobile devices. Plus, these users are more active than PC/Laptop users. This segment of FB users alone provide greater reach than all of twitter users. 

If you want to measure reach between the two platforms, FB is the clear winner: 36% of the inks shared via Facebook are clicked while only 8% of the links shared via twitter are clicked.

If you're not concerned with actual clicks & just want total amount of content shared, then consider that FB accounts for 45% of the content shared while twitter is only 12%. 

As for those users still using feature phone, there are SIM card solutions that do provide a way for them to connect - and FB worked w/the providers on these solutions.  

April 27, 2011    View Comment    

On Top 10 Reasons Twitter is On Top of the Social Media Food Chain

Have to agree with this comment as well. Some of these points are extremely loose - such as stating that there are 4 billlion people with twitter ready devices. This doesn't indicate they will actually use the service.

Facebook is the only property who can make the claim of being the top of the SM food chain.


April 27, 2011    View Comment    

On Are You A Social Stock Market Sucker?

Hi John,

My mention of Empire Avenue being a "time-waster" is a reference to the typical label applied to new social platforms - mostly due to those who don't have a need for, or understanding of, progressive online marketing efforts.

Beleive me, I see the possibilities - that's why I pointed out the efforts of those brands and individuals leveraging Empire Avenue. I have even created an account for my company: Auction Direct USA - every little effort helps brand the company, interact with new people and even drive additional ttraffic to our blogs via the links in our profile.

You do have to ask why would anyone create an account and start trading shares of profiles, without a clearly defined goal, other than simply playing the game - which over time, would lose it's allure.

Another item I found interesting is the fact that buying/selling of profile's shares can happen 24/7. If they really wanted to add a serious gaming element to it, they should make the trading hours the same as the stock excahnges: 9:30am - 4:00pm. That would surely raise the time factor and make price swings even more exciting.

Thanks for the comment - care to share your profile ticker?

April 26, 2011    View Comment    

On 5 Reasons Twitter Sucks For Customer Service


Debate fodder for sure. I'll bite.

I can provide at least 5 reasons, each month, why our guests not only enjoy - but prefer twitter as a customer service option. Here's a quick rundown of the reasons I've heard why they do:

  • Speed
  • Reach (when sending a public tweet)
  • Intimacy (when sending a DM)
  • Personalization
  • Knowing they'll get an answer

Also, Twitter said they have 175mm worldwide users in Jan '11. Even if half of Twitter's users are in the US, that's still about 30% of the US population. (It's also been stated that up to 87% of the US population is aware of twitter)

Sure - it's not for every consumer and many companies aren't equiped to manage this channel as a customer service tool. 

All customers want better customer service. Why more companies don't recognize this as a viable method of improving customer satisfaction is beyond me...

March 2, 2011    View Comment    

On Real Purpose of a Location Based Check-in?

Thanks Matthew.

Agree on the awareness point; hoping that Foursquare and others in this space step up their own business development efforts. That could be be a significant mulitplier for their own business. (Practice what they preach type of mentaility:)

Nice presentation btw.



December 31, 2010    View Comment    

On Real Purpose of a Location Based Check-in?

Right on Vicki.

The best part of Tara's updates - after chatting with her - she didn't even realize how effective (& important) her updates were.

Maybe its also a function of a self-less act and a passion for your business that rings loud in these type of updates...?

Thx for the comment!


December 31, 2010    View Comment    

On Real Purpose of a Location Based Check-in?

Thanks Bob.

Could simply be a self-fulfilling prophecy. (More users, more retailers, more users, etc)

Other elements such as the Foursquare to-do button could do help just as the the Facebook Like button did as well.

December 31, 2010    View Comment    

On Location-based Services: The Hottest Segment in Social Media


The word choice of 'social media' is b/c I feel that location based services are simply additional tools, being used within this segment. At this early stage, it's probably a safe bet that someone looking to deploy LBS already has some type of foundation rooted in social media.

I like your real estate example too; eventually I beleive Google & others will have even more real-time location solutions in place. Plenty of opportunity on the horizon.

Thanks for the nice comment.


December 1, 2010    View Comment    



 All points are spot on.

1 item seems to be missing from your list - and plenty of other lists as well.


I wrote my post right before reading yours; http://whatdidericsay.com/2010/04/1-missing-social-media-optimization-lists/

Well done...



April 22, 2010    View Comment