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On Social Media Reality Check: Four Mental Shifts Leaders Need to Make

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Don. Capgemini and others have been talking about the idea of digital transformation, which is so key. As you note, the idea isn't to "layer social on top" but to fully integrate it into the culture and operations. There's definitely an education gap - and a long row to hoe! But we'll get there eventually...

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On Dressing for Success in Cyberspace: Giving Yourself a Digital Make-Over

This content has been updated and republished on the Denovati SMART Blog. Here's a link:


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On 5 Main Barriers to Digital Engagement

It's worth noting that these barriers are compounded by the everyday challenges organizational leaders face, including maxed-out agendas and their tendencies to: 

  • Focus on the immediate and short term rather than the longer term
  • Emphasize the tactical rather than the strategic
  • Concentrate on managing instead of leading
  • Devote their energies to "sand" and "pebbles" rather than larger "stones"
  • Be reactive rather than proactive

That's not an indictment, it's just an observation. The forces against change definitely conspire to limit progress...

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On Think Before You Dial: 3 Reasons Why Unplanned Phone Calls are a Poor Practice

FYI, I've updated the post and published it on our new website. Here's a link: http://denovati.com/2013/12/phone-etiquette.

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On Social Software Solutions: High-Level Guidance for Organizations

An updated version of this post is available via the Denovati SMART Blog:


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On A Rant About the Proper Use of #Hashtags

I've just updated both the blog post and the decision-making flowchart. Here are links to each:



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On To Hash or Not to Hash? A Decision-Making Guide

This flowchart, and the related post, have both been updated. Here are links to each:



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On Social Media Experts: Yes, they Exist. Yes, You Should Hire Them. But Do Your Due Diligence

Thanks for your comment, Peter. I'm sorry I didn't respond to it initially, but I only discovered it a few days ago. I'm also sorry if you felt that I was bashing you, but in the context of the events at the time it seemed appropriate to share my perspective. As I noted in my most recent comment, updated versions of this post deleted references to you/your original post. Because you and other people responded to this piece on SMT, I chose to leave it intact.

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On Social Media Experts: Yes, they Exist. Yes, You Should Hire Them. But Do Your Due Diligence

In 2012 I split this post into two and deleted the references to Peter Shankman and the post that initially inspired me to write.

This week I updated both posts and moved them to our new website/blog. Here are links to each:

Interestingly, the recommendations are still valid – and much needed – today. As always, I invite people to raise questions and offer additional insights and resources. More guidance on assessing and hiring social media experts would be particularly useful for social media rookies. Thanks!

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On When It's Time To Hire A Digital Strategist, Beware Social Charlatans

Both posts have now been updated and moved to our new website/blog. Here are links to each:

I added a comment to the second post linking back to this piece.


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On Social Media Engagement: 9 Reasons Why Less is More

Thanks for your comment, Andrea. I'm glad the post was valuable to you. I'm going to share some recommendations in the follow up piece. Cluster posting, in my view, is a definite worst practice, regardless of the motivation. I'm also not a huge fan of overposting the same content in a short timeframe. And as a follower, A/B testing on Twitter feels like bait and swtich!

Attending to feedback is critical to knowing what is/isn't working and adapting accordingly. And there are definitely no simple formulas for engagement - just a set of best practices that keep evolving!!!

September 4, 2013    View Comment