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On Why Google's Point of View(s) Is Changing + SM ROI

Randy, this is a fascinating validation of something we've suspected for some time but had no clear analysis to support.  As niche publishers, focused on engagement and not on scaling and perhaps not sufficiently on monetization, we had always believed that our value came from an ability to provide contributors, and sponsors for that matter, a more "quality" experience.  Thanks  A TON for giving us the data to prove it.

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On The Big Brand Theory: Arby's Is Listening

Love the Pharell hat!

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On Benjamin Dyett on How Collaborative Networks Are Rivaling Much Larger Companies

I love that Benjamin confesses to it being exhausting to have to collaborate with a lot of passionate people.  Whew.

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On What Pictures Tell: The Future of Social Is Visual

Checking this out, Paul

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On #Oscars2014: The Twitter Story [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nice turnaround, Richard.  We should work with you.

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On Ready to Be a LinkedIn Influencer Yet?

LMK and we can set it up, Andre.  Great idea.

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On WhatsApp's Blog Tells the Story of Billion Dollar Focus [SLIDESHARE]

Great one, Andre. Thanks for this.

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On WhatsApp's Blog Tells the Story of Billion Dollar Focus [SLIDESHARE]

Great one, Andre. Thanks for this.

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On Ready to Be a LinkedIn Influencer Yet?

Perhaps I am a little less enthused because I am a publisher who has been buliding over the period of the last six years a strong network of thought-leader content, but I caution you to take a wait and see approach on this.  To really truly provide a thought-leader platform that moderates and edits for quality, LinkedIn is going to have to add a significant amount of staff (unless its members plan to volunteer for this role.)  If they don't, they won't be able to acheive their goals and either a good deal of your content will be suppressed or will be of diminishing quality.

Further, their description of their product as an Influencer product is disengenous.  True, Bill Gates, Sir Richard et al are tremendouly influential, but does anyone really believe that he or she is influencing them in return?  What good does it do you or any marketer for that matter that you can read what Richard Branson's speechwriter put on their site?  The truly influential folk within a company are those that will engage with others publicly and online.  I don't see that LinkedIn is moving to enable that engagement; in fact, LinkedIn Groups have been losing their impact and popularity for some time.


Just saying...

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On How Will LinkedIn's New Publishing Platform Change the Media Landscape?

This is an interesting move by LinkedIn and will place it more squarely in competition wtih HuffPost, Mashable, and frankly, with sites like ours.  Sharmin, you are absolutely right that LinkedIn can reduce the noise by embracing community, but community, if done right, is difficult to scale and hard to maintain over the long haul.  (I know; this is how we've been growing Social Media Today for some time.)  Also, "user-generated" implies that they do not intend to compensate their posters and increasingly, we have found, along with HuffPo, Mashable and others, that having quality content on a sustainable basis means you may have to pay for it.

It will be interesting to see how this rolls out from a user-expereince standpoint.  Will users find the content experience sufficiently valuable to give up enough of their behavioral data to make it an increasingly valuable experience?  Will LinkedIn, whose latest results were a disappointment to investors, be so intent on monetizing this new move that they undermine the value of the content even further? 

Clearly, this will spook sites like the above-mentioned as well as BusinessInsider and WSJ.  But we shall see how well this is executed.


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On Selling Social to the C-Suite: Trust, But Verify

That's a great question and the first thing you need to do is to respond with a question: "how would you measure your ROI?"  or business value.


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On Social Advocacy & Politics: The People vs. Monsanto

Wow.  Alan, what are they doing at Monsanto to manage their communications crisis? are they answering any of the social media? and what are traditional media doing to follow the story created by social?

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