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On Community Management Thoughts and Challenges for 2014

Thanks for reading, Wahiba! I appreciate your kind words.

"Reporting is now an art." I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

Personally, working for a brand rather than for different clients, my work is evaluated once per quarter. Since I work for a startup, it's easy for me to work together with the different departments of my company (we're almost all within a 15 foot vicinity of each other!), so it's easy to get some of their time and define objectives at the beginning and end of each of my reporting periods.

The most important thing about defining the core elements that I'm reporting on for me comes at the beginning of the quarter I'm reporting on. We're constantly moving forward and shifting business goals, and I need to make sure that my community management activities align with these changes and objectives.

The standard features I try to always maintain are global reach, engagement on individual social platforms, engagement on our actual content, number of ambassador activations, number of active users.

Getting a little more specific, if one quarter we really want to focus on in-person activation, I'll focus my reports on events, attendance, and post-event follow up and actions (signups, writeups, etc). If we're going for a support-focused quarter, we'll measure response time and customer satisfaction (through some awesome plugins like Hively or Uservoice).

For content in general, something that's interesting to us isn't only pageviews and engagement on social platforms, but - as I mentioned before - engagement on our platforms. By this, I mean: how many people commented on our blog? How many people shared it? It's one thing to ilke or comment on a post on Facebook or Twitter, but if others share the content straight from our blog it means that they took the time to read it and thought that their audience just had  to do the same.

I'd love to continue the conversation on twiter or via email!! 


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January 29, 2014    View Comment