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On Authenticity on the Path to Professional Blogging

Hi, Hailey!

Spot on and so smart. The one thing I have always done is get my inspiration from reading and then I craft a unique perspective with a bit of research and data proof points (if I need them). I know I'm probably missing the boat not writing to analytics, but...shoot, I like what I write the way it is!

I know I need to change it up...soon!

Thanks for commenting here!


February 3, 2014    View Comment    

On Comparing the Best Twitter Chat Tools on the Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

Morning, Jenna!

I don't think Social Media Today has any pingbacks, so wanted to share that I used this post extensively in my post yesterday; it was wonderfully timely! Thank you!




June 25, 2013    View Comment    

On Comparing the Best Twitter Chat Tools on the Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

Really good stuff, Jenna. I was so sad to see  TweetChat's demise. I hope its new managers get it up and running quickly.

I need to urgently find a new tool or I'll resort to what's known -- HootSuite.


I think Nestivity sounds great; just too much action/options for my needs.

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On Do You Buy GM Cars Via Facebook Ads?

I appreciate your comment! This headline was so ridiculous, and it's caused a frenzy of other advertisers jumping on the "no more Facebook advertising" trend just before IPO.

As said, I probably have to congratulate the investor relations/PR team for pulling this coup for GM; I guess they need some good publicity, eh?

Thanks for saying! ~Jayme

May 17, 2012    View Comment    

On Want to be a social media expert? Break stuff.

Hi, Mack:

I'm back for round two of comments; this post inspired my further thought on mastery, leadership and defining social media. The conversation needs some more thinking, though...please join it!

"Social Media Thinking" at http://soulati.com/blog. Wanted you to be aware.

Jayme @Soulati

April 28, 2010    View Comment    

On Want to be a social media expert? Break stuff.

Those who break, learn! No better example of having something that doesn't work and trying to tinker to fix it. When it's working, chalk one up to the learning queue.

When things are working, then tackle the next beast. Mine are analytics and blogging SEM.
April 27, 2010    View Comment    

On Re-Purposing Public Relations

So, my comment just disappeared out of the blue. Let's see if I can re-create it:

Not certain your exact point(s) here...are you suggesting public relations is a dying breed and we public relations practitioners (me, 25 years) are irrelevant? If that's one takeaway, it's not one I accept.

Social media has altered public relations more than any new "tech" revolution since I began this profession. It's spawned immense opportunity to innovate, align with marketing, and measure (the biggest negative we face).

If you're suggesting PR practitioners, as a whole, are not worth their weight in salt, I have no data to suggest differently, but I'll argue that one, too. Based on my professional growth curve in the last two years, which has been fast-paced, everyone must seize the opportunity presented by social media to innovate, learn, utilize, grow and re-invent. If they don't, then that they are surely irrelevant.



March 25, 2010    View Comment    

On Why people are leaving Twitter

I believe the seasoned tweeps need to welcome newbies when they arrive and check in every so often and ensure they know how to use the interface. It's daunting, for sure. Case in point; I just set up a second account, and although I knew how to get started, I was talking to myself! And, how did I get people to follow me? It's certainly takes concerted effort.  Like anything new in tech, it's critical to watch, listen and learn. Take the first baby step and gain confidence.
June 5, 2009    View Comment    

On Outsource your twitter profile. Should you? Would you? Could you?

I just reached 500 followers (which means I'm also following that many +) on Twitter. Sadly, I find the folks I most looked forward to reading their tweets are buried amidsts the mundane quotations, regurgitation of headlines, Bible verses and the like. I tend to agree -- when you reach beyond a quotient, it gets unruly. I asked a peer on the T-sphere how he manages communication with 3500+ and he suggested Tweet Deck and Tweet Whirl, etc.  Not sure I agree, as I use Tweet Deck and while I love it for the organization, there's no way anyone can manage/respond to all those tweets.

Jayme Soulati

May 13, 2009    View Comment