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On What Makes a Good Content Curator?

Thank you for the positive feedback Cherisse! It sounds like you are active on Social Media, good for you. I agree with your thoughts about the human element. Don't worry too much about having a limited scope, it sounds as though you are trying to provide a range of information. The great thing about Social Media is that it really functions as a way to crowdsource lots of information and perspectives, and that's what makes it so powerful, is the culmination of everyone's insights and feedback. You as an individual don't have to have the entire scope, you just have to provide your unique vantage point and insights to add to the community. Showing people your "field of vision" helps them expand theirs. Keep up the good work!

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On 20 Tips to Humanize Your Brand

I like your emphasis on culture. Brands that have a strong company culture and are able to communicate that have the opportunity to do very well on Social Media. It's something unique that only the brand can provide, and people are drawn in to it.


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