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On How to Write Better Homepage Content Than Your Competitors

Thanks Ajay! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I totally agree, the homepage is your best tool for connecting with your audience. Before they form an opinion on your brand you know they're checking out your websit. So make your homepage attractive, interesting and provoking. 


December 3, 2013    View Comment    

On So This is How Tumblr and Yahoo Will Make Money

I didn't even know Tumblr has porn. I know it has ample creative work, portoflios and witty writing and I think this is what will lead the ROI. 

May 28, 2013    View Comment    

On Blogs Vs. Big Media

Thanks Joe! That's a great idea, I've been using HARO to bridge the gap between my solo blog work and big media. If you haven't heard of it, it's quite useful at times: Help A Reporter Out.

Best of luck with your projects!


March 19, 2013    View Comment    

On Social Media and Interactive Content: Why Businesses Need to Engage

Great post, we need reminders like this to keep our goals in check when creating content for social media. It brought me back to this post on how social media is carrying a movement of entrepreneurs and new business owners.
Keep it up!

March 11, 2013    View Comment    

On How Facebook's News Feed Changes Affect Businesses and Marketers

I do like the way the cleaned up the sidebar. It seems like everything is getting a face lift: Google+, Microsoft Outlook, and Facebook. All within a couple days of each other too.
Nice post though, thanks for the tips!

March 8, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook's Newer News Feed in a Nutshell [Video]

Thanks for sharing this!

March 8, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook Slams Twitter: Stonewalling Spurs Social Media Melee

I agree to the fullest Spinx. I personally think Graph Search is kind of creepy and really teeters on the fine line between invasive and cutting edge marketing.

Thanks for the comment.

March 4, 2013    View Comment    

On Facebook Slams Twitter: Stonewalling Spurs Social Media Melee

It's comig to that point now, 2013 will be a very interesting year for business and marketers.
Thanks for the read Mitch!


March 1, 2013    View Comment    

On 6 Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing

Nice Post Poeabbly. It's important to stay consistent with blogging and social media activity.

February 14, 2013    View Comment