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On Organic Facebook Reach Throttle: The Good News for Brands

Yeah, I'm concerned about the SMB myself.  A bummer for them, for sure.

I think that SMB's in particular need to think about an influencer strategy that involves identifying their most likely and best customers and/or an owned media campaign (and this may be in-store if you're a brick and mortar) to engage folks.  Example: Betabrand in San Francisco (a hipster clothing store making jackets out of disco ball material and such) has a dummy in the store wearing a smoking jacket, and you can pose with that dummy on-the-spot and get 10% off your puchase right there, and they upload that pic to their FB page and tweet it to you.  This is the sort of "work with what you have" tactic that'll need to be adopted - and truthfully, this is the sort of quality of interaction that means a lot more than impression numbers in the first place.  Engagement is why Reach is important; this is what we're after, especially on a social media channel.

Don't get me wrong: I was, of course, disappointed to see something that we've gotten for free - and something that has been positioned by FB as the reason we were all working to build up audiences - suddenly become a channel that requires a considered spend.  But, it is what it is: so, let's refocus our tactics and see if we might just get better at this out of necessity.  ;)

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On Social Media Marketing: Get Out Now... You're Doomed to Fail

I'm not sure that this is true; it really depends on what sort of return you're looking for.  I think that the overall problem with Social Media programs in general is that folks go into them talking about measurement before they figure out what they're actually trying to accomplish.  The numbers need to measure something, and true social media ROI comes via social actions - not impressions - unless you're using social media as a channel supporting another marketing campaign.

Basically, there is a difference between Audience vs. Social Communities - the blog post may help give some context there.

I talked about this a bit in a post about social listening, but in general, for SMB I'd advise that, like anyone else, you first determine what, exactly, you're trying to accomplish.  The thing about social media strategy is that the strategy has to service a higher-level marketing need - whether that need is of a DM nature (whereby you can measure by clicks) or of a lead nurturing nature (whereby your social channels are touchpoints that help move people along).

We also recently published a social media how-to, "The 4 C's of Social Media Marketing," that provides a high-level framework to apply traditional marketing principles to social media.  Hope it helps!

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On Social Media Marketing: Get Out Now... You're Doomed to Fail

I was lucky enough to recently attend Social Media Marketing World (SMMW13) where we received some really great instruction on social media marketing strategy from folks like Jay Baer and Michael Brito - we did an infographic summary for the top takeaways:

Social Media How-To: Infographic

Hope it helps!

My favorite is "Be human."  Indeed.

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