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On #1 Factor Impacting Your Sales Success

You're right. Your prospects don't care about how wonderful your oil is or its superior performance. That's something that the ultimate customers care about, but not store owners who are focused on margins and turns.

So you need to rethink your approach. I would assume your premium product has a premium price. So, they'll make more money when they sell it, right? Can you show them how to upsell their customers so they can realize these higher margins? 

You might want to check out my sales library too. I have lots of "how to" articles, videos & podcasts there: http://bit.ly/emY54R


January 13, 2011    View Comment    

On #11 Reaches His Unreachable Goal—and Scores!

Thanks, Mark. I am one proud mama!  And, to top it off, last night he told us that he'd just been awarded the Flight Instructor of the Month award.

February 18, 2010    View Comment    

On The Customer Collective... Grow With Us To The Next Level

Clearly Oracle did not "get" what you've been building this past year. Thanks for creating a great resource for sellers/marketers. I appreciate the excellent content you continually bring to us. I've discovered numerous experts whose advice I value reading every day.

Please keep it coming!
October 9, 2009    View Comment    

On Social media needs to come with new management thinking

Encouraging people to embrace messiness is a total shift in thinking, but much needed. Great article. Thanks for sharing.
April 6, 2009    View Comment    

On What A Surprise! - After Years Of Greed, Will Come Months Of Fear

Amen! Thanks for speaking out against about what's happening. When capitalism is played out to its end game, this is the result. The obscene greed that's dominating our corporations, financial institutions and investment community is taking us all down. 

The last few years have been brought me great consternation. As a sales expert, I know what it takes to bring more revenue into the corporate coffers. And I'm all for running profitable businesses. 

But I cannot, in good conscience, feed the greed machine. It's reprehensible and destructive to individuals, families, humanity, our environment, world peace and more. 

I appreciate you taking a stand. When one person does, it's easier for us all!

Jill Konrath
Selling to Big Companies
October 12, 2008    View Comment    

On Do tech toys depersonalize the sales process or help it?

The richness of the human experience is so much more rewarding than emails, text messages, twittering and listening to iPods. 

I sometimes laugh at "social" media experts who are inherently anti-social, except online.
August 31, 2008    View Comment    

On Why Manager's Don't Do People Management

At Xerox, where my sales career began, when I moved into sales management it was expected that I spend 80% of my time in the field with my reps. Not only did this enable me to develop a great relationship with my team, but it also helped me:
  • Observe their sales skills and offer appropriate guidance.
  • Find out what motivated them.
  • Keep relevant re: what was happening with customers.
  • Accurately assess their forecasting ability.
  • Teach them how to think strategically about their clients & prospects.
Too many companies have their sales management pushing papers. What a waste of a position.
August 31, 2008    View Comment    

On Obama's VP strategy...did drama overload America's attention span?

3 a.m. in the morning is a lousy time to get "the scoop" on who Obama's VP pick was. I was disappointed. I wanted to be "in the know" before the networks announced it on TV.

However, as I wrote in my post on Politics & Sales: Piquing Curiosity, I think it was a brilliant move to engage people in the political process. But you're right. I did go on too long.

August 24, 2008    View Comment    

On Misconceptions about Trust-based Selling: It Doesn't Work

It makes perfect sense to me too!  Thanks for the excellent insights.
August 21, 2008    View Comment    

On Satisfied with Your Job? Not If You’re a Sales Executive

And it's getting worse. The corporate greed machine with its insatiable desire for more, more, more, is never satisfied with performance levels.

It just keeps raising quotas at the same time it cuts its investment in training, sales support and productivity tools that could make a significant long-term impact. 

So you work harder and harder; and you push your reps to bring in the business - all for what end? To repeat it all over again next quarter?

August 21, 2008    View Comment    

On Don't Know What to Blog About? Ask Someone Else.

Great suggestions! Here are some strategies I use to come up with ideas:

If something bugs you, write about it.

Watch current events; think how you can tie those in to your expertise:
Think about the questions you're asked. If one person wants to know, others will too:Hope these ideas help!
August 21, 2008    View Comment    

On The Competitive Edge... what sales people can learn from junk mail

Who would have thought that a career in junk mail could be so valuable! I agree. Sales organizations need to start applying that discipline to their prospecting initiatives.
August 21, 2008    View Comment