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On Is content still king? Or is there a new crown prince?

Thanks, Barbara

It was really interesting to see how some of the things we take for granted in the US are still challenges in other parts of the world. One of the topics that came up a lot was anonymity. The other was the distinction between journalist and bloggger. My co-presnter in Sri Lanka is both. He had an interesting take on how it's safer to call yourself a blogger, even though you're one-part journalist.

Stefan, I don't disagree with the Audience being front and center of our communication. But I was also making the point that the audience is also a content producer --and a context producer!

September 11, 2009    View Comment    

On The Coming Social Media Bust?

I don't mind the scrutiny about where we are at; I am glad you voice your concern. That niggling feeling has been on a lot of people's minds. I hear them asking the 'after Twitter what?' questions. I am hearing another type of concern right now, with a small business helping I am helping out. It's a (yawn!) new media outfit but with a serious revenue model. To answer your question: what's the viability of the current business model of the companies providing social media services: Good, if you're prepared to zig while everyone's still zagging. Don't wait till these services change, plan for those radical changes. Some see speed breakers, others see course correction.
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