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On 7 Things to Consider In Shaping Your Advocacy Program Strategy


you are absolutely correct. But not all advocates are incentivized to spread their love of the brand. As a matter of fact, your best advocates are those who are not looking to be incentivezed, but those who truly love your brand/products and talk about it for that reason. They do appreciate when a brand goes an extra mile to have a relationship with them though - that in itself is usually quite valuable. For more info on this take a look at this post http://branderati.com/organic-love/

That said, the issue of disclosure and FTC compliance is an important one. That's why, when you engage a particular platform like BRANDERATI, for example, you need to make sure all of the compliance elements are built into that platform. Our platform takes this all into account and ensures that you are in full compliance.

Hope that helps. Thank you for a great question.


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