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On SMToolbox: Improve Your Influencer Marketing with Twtrland

Hi Daniel, I think you are right that often influencers will have a preferred network and for some industries other networks like LinkedIn may work better. However, many influencers do use Twitter and if you find potential influencers via Twtrland, you can still connect with them via other networks like LinkedIn. The first task is finding them, you can engage and connect via a range of platforms though Twitter can work well in my experience.



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On 25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand

Hi Pam

Great post, really useful summary and categorization.

You can also try BuzzSumo for tracking successful content. You can search for the most shared content in any topic area or for any domain (your own or your competitor's). BuzzSumo is free and will show you the most shared content across all the main social networks. 


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On These 24 Tools Will Blast Your Brand To the Next Level

Nice list Alexandra, agree with Avtar really like these lists. I would add BuzzSumo for searching for the most shared content across all networks in any topic area. It now covers Pinterest as well. You can also search for the most shared content for a competitor's domain and the key influecners that amplify their content. 

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On The Next Phase of Marketing Technology is All About Content

Hi James, thanks. Really useful to use Google trends in this way. There is no question content marketing is rising both as a search term and a concept; and I agree with the points you make relative to social media marketing. However, running the same search for 'digital marketing' and 'content marketing' below shows that there has also been a large increase in search volumes for digital marketing (in red below - content marketing is blue) so overall there does appear to be more interest in this area, though not social specifically. (Image link in case image doesnt show in comments http://anderspink.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Screen-shot-2014-03-16-at-12.25.04.png)

Also when you introduce SEO as search term in yellow below, we can see whilst content marketing is rising it hopefully has some way to go. SEO as a search term though does appear to be flat to declining. (Again Image link in case image doesnt show in comments http://anderspink.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Screen-shot-2014-03-16-at-12.24.41.png)

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On SMToolbox: Free Twitter Monitoring and Search Tools

Hi Avtar, Thanks. I decided to start the column with the better known free tools but I have a list of 50 tools that I am going to work through this year, some are more well known than others. It is difficult to know the level of depth to provide. The next few will be quite detailed and I will see what feedback we get. I was thinking of adding more in-depth video demos, what do you think? Let me know if there are any particular tools you would like reviewed. Ian does a great job over at RazorSocial, I am hoping these weekly tool reviews will be complementary to his work.

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On SMToolbox: Be More Effective on Google+ with CircleCount

Hi Elizabeth, yes, you can add your Google+ pages. Login and choose My Pages from the CircleCount "You" menu or go to http://www.circlecount.com/mypages/

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On SMToolbox: Understanding the Changing Landscape of Social Media Marketing Tools

Hi Ric, I agree the fragmentation is frustrating. On the positive side amongst all the fragmentation there are some great tools out there. I am hoping I can provide some useful insights and reviews of the more cost-effective tools. It is a bit of an undertaking though, there are over 90 social analytics tools alone that I am aware of. Should keep me busy!

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On Author Rank: Check Your Authority With New Virante Tool

Hi, I understand the concern re Klout. I think this is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is looking at someone's authority as an author and in particular theme areas. Secondly, one of the key people involved is Mark Traphagen who is an expert on Google authorship. There seems no question to me that author authority will be increasingly important and hence this is a development to watch.

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On How Effective Is Your Social Marketing? How to Track and Capture Leads

Hi Randy, thanks. Hubspot is excellent and captures lead data in much the same way as Oktopost. It also has a social inbox feature now. Oktopost is one of the lower cost options with a starting monthly fee of $29, Hubspot starts around $200 a month but has more features with lead forms, email marketing etc. Maybe I should do a comparison review of other tool options. 

Good to hear the tracking and monitoring is really paying off for you.

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On 5 Ways Oktopost Can Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing

Hi Lewis, thanks. I am starting to track now as people download the Google+ Playbook. I will aim to write up a post on the results next week.

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On Twitter Becomes a Content Discovery Layer: Implications for Marketers

Thanks for the comments. Tools like BuzzSumo and Topsy are becoming important in helping people use Twitter and other social networks as a content discovery layer. You can get some insights using these tools.

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On The New Formula for Social Media Trust

Hi Faris, thanks, I am really pleased it was helpful. Steve

November 1, 2013    View Comment