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On Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Non-US Social Media Platforms

Thanks for the comment Hailley! I agree that it is not for worth the time/effort for smaller brands but I have actually been asked by multiple western companies (mostly ones with 10 000+ employees) who operate in these markets about support for alternitive platforms. It seems these non-english markets possess a added challenge for them in communications and the inability to use the same tools that the use in other markets adds to these challenges.

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On 3 Things Social Media Managers Can Learn from Top Management

Thanks for the comment Ajay! Hope you enjoy my other blog posts on Social Media Today as well.

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On Social Literacy as a Competitive Advantage

Thanks for the comment Khalid. I agree that there is an additional challenge with leadership seeing change as a threat to their position and authority in this regard. The whole concept of social business is challenging many norms that have been around for centuries with people at the top having benefited from these norms in their careers. Accepting social and less hierarchical structures in business is fast becoming a must but some leaders simply won’t budge.

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On Social Literacy as a Competitive Advantage

Comment removed.

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