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On Stop Complaining About Your Facebook Reach and Start Creating Content For Your Fans

Liz, nice to see you, it's been a while.  Maybe we'll catch up at another conference.  Anyway, my comment:

Here's my idea: Stop thinking of Facebook as even an option for marketing...because it's not.  At this point, it's an advertising platform.  Everything you just described in this article would be better suited to email marketing than Facebook.  Creating good content for your individual audience and optimizing to their needs is the name of every game, not just Facebook.  But only Facebook throttles organic reach.  Quality content has less chance being seen on Facebook than anywhere else unless you buy ads of course.

And I'm definitely one of those people that would settle on "agree to disagree" because I've heard every explanation about why the algorithm is built the way it is, and all the pitches about how the newsfeed is designed for humans and it's all BS.  Facebook has designed this algorithm for one purpose: control.  Control = money.  

If Facebook were really concerned about relevance the solution isn't a better algorithm, but better lists and filters.  Make a friends newsfeed, make a page newsfeed and let people slice and dice it.  Right now it takes 2 clicks to get to any list, or 3 or more on the mobile app.  And there is no quick and easy way to filter any of them.

Facebook pages have every right to be upset, managers have every right to be angry, they were sold a bill of goods under false pretenses.  I cannot fathom why anyone would stand up for Facebook when their goal is so clearly to drive ad revenue, not to deliver relevance.    

Further, to address the "high quality content" issue: if no one sees the content in the first place, how can you know if it's high quality of just not being shown?  Facebook doesn't even give the high quality content a chance to perform.

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On Instagram to Begin Selling Ads: Not Surprising and Not Creative

Thanks for commenting William.  I agree with you but there's one big clarification I ned to make, I'm not advocating for making social networks a paid service.  I'm advocating for additional and more creative monetization strategies.  I'm not shocked that Instagram is selling ads, or Facebook or anyone else.  It's big business.  What I am dismayed about, is the lack of additional value that I would be willing to pay money for, that would add an additional source of revenue for these companies.  

It's not about matching.  Linkedin does both, they have ads and premium options, and they have the most successful IPO of the social media companies.  

I agree with you that people are unlikely to leave any of these services over ads, but that's part of the problem.  It will only make the problem more normal.  Our social streams will become diluted with garbage.

Ever watch a television show without ads...it's amazing!  The tempo of the show and the rhythm of the story is unbroken, it's beautiful. Now throw ads into the mix.  Yes, we accept it, but we also take every opportunity (DVR) to skip those ads.  Ads are very ineffective on the whole.  

So rather than having these companies immediately turn to one single, mostly ineffective, and very intrusive source of revenue, I just wish we could see something better.

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On Instagram to Begin Selling Ads: Not Surprising and Not Creative

To clarify, I'm not saying to do away with ads entirely and I'm not saying ONLY charge for social networks.  What I'm saying is that I find it sad to see advertising as the default monetization strategy.  

Social networks should always keep the free option, and that could be ad supported.  A pay wall would ruin the magic of social which is that anyone can freely have a voice and build an audience.  

However, I think companies should be looking for alternative and more valuable monetization strategies. We don't often see anything besides ads but there is an enormous amount of money to be made from the marketers and pro users that want additional features, and data.  I personally don't see many ads, I use ad blocker software, for me this is more about advancing the industry beyond the sad, one dimensional revenue source people largely ignore.  

Linkedin Premium is a great example of added benefit.  Slideshare Pro is the same thing.  Evernote is a program I pay for even though I don't NEED to simply because I like the software and find it valuable.  

The freemium model has been very successful all across the web, and I just wonder why we don't see more of it in social?

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

Sorry you've had such a bad experience on Linkedin Sam.  I've found it very valuable.  I guess it all depends on who you are connected to and how you use it.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

I never pull punches. :)

Thanks for reading, glad you liked it.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

Thanks Melanie.  I agree that typically Facebook is challenging for a B2B company, however there are some companies that are knocking it out of the park of Facebook as B2B agencies.  Marketo and Hubspot immediately come to mind.  But they have an ad budget and a wealth of content.  They've also invested the time in putting together an editorial calendar for Facebook.  Finally, they also haver the resources to put a full effort behind any network they want.  Most smaller businesses don't have the luxury or ad budget, content or staff.

We found that for us, and many of our smaller clients, Facebook is an uphill battle that simple wasn't worth the time.  

Glad you liked the article.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook


I haven't done any sort of categorization, but as with anything, it all depends.  If you are looking for a platform to show off your work to other artists, it may be better to go to networks like Tumblr, Pinterest, Deviantart and Dribbble.  If you are looking to get work, you have to go where your clients are, which is probably Linkedin, and potentially even Facebook.

It's not that Facebook can't be used successfully, it's more that we found it didn't work as well for us relative to the time and effort we put in.  We know our goals and who our audience is, so we made the data informed decision to redirect our effort.  

What are you looking to do?  Maybe I can provide some more guidance?  


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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook


I don't think it's a matter of you "doing it wrong" perhaps just a matter of preference.  I personally don't like some other entity controlling what I see based on what I've already chosen to follow.  If Twitter feels to ooverwhelming, try making lists.  I find it helps tremendously.  

  • I reserve who I follow for those I want to be able to send me a Direct Message (DM).  
  • I created a list called "The River" which is where I put anyone else I want to follow without following them.
  • I have a list called Newsfeed, for the accounts that just broadcast news.  
  • I have a private list called "Personal Hotlist" for my 10-20 closest friends
  • I have a private list called "Professional Hotlist" for my 10-20 closest professional connections.
  • I have a private list called "Industry Hotlist" for my peers in Social Media and Social Business that I respect and follow
  • I have a list for clients, and one for prospects.

Find a system that works for you but I'm sure you'll find that lists can help tone down the noise of Twitter tremendously.  

Again, I don't think Facebook is flat out wrong for every situation.  This post was about us, our company, and what we find to be a valuable use of our time.  Facebook has been the least productive, and for every minute we spend trying to figure out how to make it work for us, we miss the opportunity to focus on networks that are working for us.  Again, this post was about what worked for US.  If something works for you, keep doing it.  

I still use Facebook personally everyday and my own personal profile has been very effective for me.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

Google can't match Facebook for social data YET.  It's getting better every day.  Facebook wants us to believe that they own the social graph, but all it takes is a migration to another network for Facebook to lose that.  All they really know is who we're connected to on Facebook and any data that gets fed into Facebook from other sources.  It doesn't take long to replicate that structure.  

As for Facebook's ad targeting "advantage," when Facebook can show an ROI for that targeting ability then we can talk about what Google is actually dreaming about...until then, let's not overstate what's actually happening.  Facebook has a wealth of demographic data and the social graph, and that may allow advertisers to target ads with greater precision than what Google can currently do, but people are turning a blind eye to ads more and more.  If that's all Facebook has, they are going to find themselves in quite a perdicament in the upcoming years.  

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

I still really like Facebook for connecting with friends.  However I'd still prefer to interact with those friends on Twitter or G+.  Facebook has the benefit of a large userbase and ubiquity in the social media space.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

"Reckless"?!  Come on Jason.  

Again, the statement wasn't a blanket "no one should use it."  This was about US, and why WE stopped putting in the time and effort.  

We still recommend Facebook to clients when we feel it's appropriate.  

As for "Edgerank is a good thing..." BS!  That giant flowing mess of nonsense combined with a proper lists feature would allow people to curate their own experience of what content is worthy of their attention. Edgerank is the single worst feature in social media.  I see no value in letting an algorithm determine FOR me what is important.  Edgerank has little to do with "good content."  Lots of great content doesn't make it's way through to the newsfeed.  The best way to manage the noise is with the filters that we call lists, content should be free.  If Facebook really wants to be open and connected, let the information flow openly to people that are connected.

I'm glad it's working for you and Marketo, and I'm sure you've had a lot of success yourselves and for your clients but for US it's a giant waste of time.

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On Here's Why We Stopped Wasting Time on Facebook

I still invite everyone to come over to Twitter, which in my opinion is one of the two best things to happen to the internet (Wordpress is the other).  Where Twitter and Wordpress have democratized the web, and given everyone/anyone a voice, Facebook is closing it off and making it more difficult.  

I find it so frustrating that posting a link on Facebook is barely worth the time because links rarely make it into the newsfeed.  So then I have to make a picture or a video or some other content because Facebook's Edgerank algorithm says so.  

Glad you liked the post. 

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