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On 16 Brands Providing Inspiration for Social Media

Anna - I'm a big fan of moo.com products and services all around. It helps that the company's marketing is witty, relevant and personal. Will have to take a deeper dive into the Moo social presence. Thanks for sharing!


March 4, 2013    View Comment    

On Adopting Social Media Company Wide

Bob - different conversations will require different types of responses. And when many people are active in social for the business, it helps tremendously to have a plan on who and how to respond. Increasingly, this also means having a plan on how to communicate this internally, as well. For example, if someone in your network asks a question about a product issue, who should respond? And if someone from another team or department monitoring sees the conversation first, what is the process for the getting the right person aware and responding? Having this plan in place helps make sure your team(s) are always in sync and your network is always getting the proper response.

January 15, 2012    View Comment