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On Does Anyone Still Read Industry Publications?

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the comments.  I think your company is on the leading edge of crowd sourced publishing.  I'm surprised the space has not become crowded yet with competitors.  Many of the RTs echo my sentiments.  A sampling:  

  • I have made the same journey,
  • Great Q,
  • Too true especially when print news industry are turning into apps
  • Good advice for those less familiarized with content curation

It's funny, several others missed the key point of the article telling me they also read digital magazines on line.  That's not the point at all.  The key here is that we are moving from the mass produced, editor controlled magazine format toward a trusted curator, crowed sourced feed of content from various sources: blogs, magazines, tweets, and so on.  Your tool does a great job of packaging that up into an easy to consumer (and share) format.

April 8, 2013    View Comment    

On Why is Yammer Worth $1.2B to Microsoft?

It's Official.  See the press release today from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/Press/2012/Jun12/06-25MSYammerPR.aspx 

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On Facebook Today, Reminds Me of AOL in 1998

That would be doing the Facebook experience outside of Facebook. Tweeting to build community, YouTube and Vimeo for videos. Flickr and others for photo sharing. Any variety of startup community and microblogging platforms that are emerging for conversations....I'm seeing Facebook as the shallow end of the pool, roped off from the deep end.
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On Facebook Today, Reminds Me of AOL in 1998

Thanks for the comments, both here and through the many RTs. This certainly hit a nerve with quite a few people. So get out there now and explore the "deep end" of the social web. (Twitter is a great place to start.) Jim http://twitter.com/jimworth
March 23, 2011    View Comment