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On Dark Data and Measuring Invisible Impact in Your Facebook Community

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the article. Yours is a really interesting perspective, where you are actively reading brand content and following the conversation, but you're hesitant to chime in for fear of being buried with updates. I know on Twitter, mentioning a certain brand name might certainly leave you open to competitors reaching out. On Facebook, if I comment on a brand post, I'll only receive notifications if someone replies or likes my comment, not the hundreds of subsequent fan comments. The brand can also reply to my comment (and I'd get a notification), but I have to comment first, they can't initiate with me. I've had to walk brand marketers through that breakdown before, so I think you present a really valid question; are fans being given enough information to know what to expect when they interact with a brand, and is that limiting brand communities?



March 18, 2014    View Comment