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On Mobile Apps for Chronic Cancer Patients

Thank you so much Tara,

I will take a look at SuperBetter and pass the word along.  Thanks so much for commenting!


February 19, 2014    View Comment    

On #Blackout: How to Advertise in Real Time

Great post, Adam.  Didn't watch the Super Bowl (not a fan) but I enjoyed hearing about this instant advertising (I AM a marketing fan!).  Good job!

-joan justice

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On Customer Satisfaction in the Health Insurance Industry

Hello Sarah,

I am the curator of the Social Media Today healthcare website, HealthWorks Collective.  Thanks for your post.  Yes, customer service is making its way into the healthcare sector (and it's about time!)  Starting with the e- (empowered, educated) Patient movement, those in healthcare are starting to realize that the customer (patient) counts.  A recently instituted Obamacare pay-for-performance measure ensures that Hospitals will be judged on how they do on patient satisfaction surveys and they will be rewarded monetarily for good results:

"Nearly $1 billion in payments to hospitals over the next year will be based in part on patient satisfaction, determined by a 27-question government survey administered to patients. Hospitals with high scores will get a bonus payment. Those with low ones will lose money."

And yes, health insurance companies will also have to hone their customer service skills.  But they will have additional restrictions as a recent law requires them to spend 80 percent of their premiums on health care or reimburse the customer. That means they can only spend 20 percent on advertising, salaries, bonuses and other admin expenses.  The agents must do more with less.

HealthCare is changing, and I think it is long overdue.

Thanks again for your post!

joan justice, curator, healthworks collective

October 17, 2012    View Comment