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On What Does a $5 Promoted Facebook Page Status Update Get You?

Thanks for sharing this Jake - as others have pointed out, there are questions to be asked, and it would be really interesting to see the results for a very similar non-promoted post next time you run an event - but still good to see. In some circumstances, paying $5 for 484 extra eyeballs on a post could be well worth it IMHO.

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On Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Social Media Strategy

The "no money and / or time" argument, I generally find, comes from people who really mean "I don't understand this and it's out of my comfort zone". Presenting them with a logical answer rarely works - and if they're running the business, it's going to be in trouble soon!

BTW There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "i've evaluated the benefits, and believe that there are other marketing and / or communications avenues which are a better fit for our objectives" - but how often do you hear THAT?!

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On Dear Social Media Expert - 10 Reasons Why I Won't be Attending your Masterclass

For me, the key point here which absolutely nobody could argue with is the number of people out there running "social media masterclasses" who have little or no online presence at all. It amazes me that anyone would sign up for training with someone who has no Facebook page AND has tweeted five times in 2011 (all links to their own website) and only has their name and job title on LinkedIn - but I see it all the time.

Once you go beyond that, I think you're on shakier ground. If there's anyone in the industry able to keep up a perfect presence on all the key sites plus a few niche extras, AND keep up with all the new developments AND actually do any work for clients, I've yet to meet them. So it's always going to be possible to pick holes with a little digging around!

I guess it's all a symptom of low levels of buyer education in the digital marketing space - a quick glance at the immediate appearance of the "number ruse" in so many of the above posts shows that even those with some knowledge are still falling for this. I could set up some software to get myself 100,000 Twitter followers, or buy them, within a few hours. All that would prove is that i'm a charlatan who likes taking shortcuts to impress the uneducated...

Mic's comment is wonderfully honest - the truth is, nobody can be an expert in all aspects of digital marketing, and to deliver value we just need to be one step ahead of our clients. I've not been in DM for 5+ years, but that doesn't mean I can't deliver a lot of value to someone who doesn't know how Facebook works or where to start with buildng a strategy - and whose budget wouldn't stretch to a big-name "expert", even if they were in a position to benefit from the level of knowledge they may have!

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