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On What Is Lost in Our Age of Social Media Hoaxes?

I don't know if I'd embrace "old fuddy-duddy" :) - I still believe transparency and honesty is a company's best approach in engagement. Whether or not we're able to see the humor in a spoof event, "hoax" just doesn't resonate well with everyone, and I'm not comfortable opening an audience up to potentially feeling duped.

I think the backlash can be too polarizing within a customer base, and I'd rather just stick to creating fresh and valuable discussions that tie directly to my brand.

December 4, 2013    View Comment    

On A Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Love it, think it does a great job of highlighting all the resources out there for those not yet using a centralized platform, but I'm just wondering - does this image look the same for our male counterparts? :)

November 26, 2013    View Comment